"one&zero provided first-class Wireline Operations QA/QC for a recent BP North Sea BP Exploration well. Having worked with Jack Willis offshore on a prior job, I wanted to ensure the well had the best chance of success, and one&zeros service did not disappoint. The knowledge and technical advice was evident from the initial pre-job planning. Once mobilised to the rig, he fully engaged with the offshore team, was proactive and ensured that all runs went smoothly. Outstanding communication skills ensured that both onshore and offshore teams were aligned and clear on daily operations. The Remote Witness Portal was a great benefit for the team, allowing minute by minute QA/QC to be followed. Post-job end of well reporting was of a high standard, and captured all aspects of the job in exceptional detail. Jack is extremely reliable, and someone that you can count on to get the job done safely and efficiently."

Simon Whiteman

Senior Operations & Well Planning Geologist

"I cannot recommend one&zero highly enough. The service provided pre planning was second to none ensuring the wireline tools, operating parameters and personnel where fit for purpose. During operations one&zero performed an excellent service not only getting on with all relevant offshore personnel but ensuring the wireline operation went optimally. In addition one&zero provided important interpretation during the operation which resulted in significant changes to our data gathering strategy. I write this recommendation from the perspective of someone who was actively involved in the pre operational planning as well as the rig side operation. one&zero made a material impact, I intend to be working with them again."

Robert Trice


Hurricane Energy plc
"I was impressed by the one&zero live data service. The website is intuitive and a great tool for monitoring e-line operations. The experience in e-line supervision was a valuable asset and I'd certainly recommend their services."

Iain Downie

Wellsite Leader

" ?one&zero assissted with technical and commercial evaluations. Professional, prompt and offering quality advice, which we are now implementing in our wireline planning phase. We will use one&zero for wellsite QA/QC on our upcoming opertaions to ensure that the data acquistion programme is executed as planned.?one&zero assissted with technical and commercial evaluations. Professional, prompt and offering quality advice, which we are now implementing in our wireline planning phase. We will use one&zero for wellsite QA/QC on our upcoming opertaions to ensure that the data acquistion programme is executed as planned. "

Carole Reynaud

Senior Petrophysicist

"We recently used one&zero for a service quality audit on a key service partner, focusing on a few key points. After this was carried out the findings were presented in a timely manner, highlighting several areas where improvements were, and may be, required. Service quality was noted to significantly improve and a representative from the vendor commented that it had been very helpful to read and implement the findings. Two of the key strengths of one&zero are the experience of the people and their personalities which enable to them to work with people to delve deeper into issues in a constructive manner. I would certainly use one&zero again for this type of work as well as the log QC side."

Malcolm Coutie

Kraken Wells Team Lead

"Very professional job performed by O&Z. Personnel available to perform QA/QC work for us at short notice and picked up on several areas where the wireline vendor had inconsistencies and/or incorrect equipment. Would recommend for any future projects where wireline QA/QC is required."

Jay Kelly

Drilling Superintendent

"EnQuest is a relative newcomer to the oil and gas industry. The company has expanded rapidly to become the UKs largest independent oil producer. This success is founded on experienced people, building successful relationships. one&zero are one of our key partners. They have provided experienced, measured, Wireline and LWD planning and operational QC, often with little or no notice. They execute their duties at the highest technical level and are an invaluable partner to a small operator such as EnQuest. I would wholeheartedly recommend any operator consider their services, as we have done, with consistently successful outcomes."

Stuart Hignett

Data Acquisition Lead/Snr. Operations Geologist

EnQuest PLC.
"Providence has worked with Jack Willis in a number of capacities including log witness, contract reviewer and general technical advisor. The high-level of accuracy in the reporting enabled our subsurface team to recognise issues with data quality at an early stage. Additionally, the knowledge and experience available gave us a solid basis from which to conduct discussions and negotiations with our service providers to ensure Providence received value for money. I wouldn’t hesitate to use these services again. "

Tom O'Brien *

Commercial Manager & General Counsel

Providence Resources
"I have worked with Jack Willis from one&zero data services for about two years in both exploration and production projects. His vast experience and in-depth knowledge helped significantly in planning and supervising hundreds of various wireline jobs: OH, CH, perforations and sadly, fishing. Excellent communicator with a keen eye for details. I would definitely recommend him if in need for excellent wireline consulting support. "

Cristian Popa

Sr. Petrophysicist

RFD Oil & Gas
"I worked with Jack Willis during employment with a prior company and from our first meeting I could see that we were in good hands. Jack immediately reviewed our well objectives alongside the data acquisition plan and made several critical improvement suggestions. His in-depth experience meant that we were able to see where the trouble areas might lie with the program which facilitated robust technical discussions with the contractors ahead of operations. Jack was able to follow the pre-operation consultancy with offshore QC, thereby providing a unique perspective on the data that was acquired. At all times Jack's technical capability and attention to detail was exemplary - as demonstrated by the detailed reporting that was carried out pre-, during and post-operations. This included post-job evaluation and discussions with the contractor when some issues arose. Jack is a valuable and highly respected addition to any team."

Becky Watson *

Team Lead

"Jack Willis has carried out work for me on multiple Appraisal wells in my current Ops role, but I have also worked with Jack when I was a wellsite geologist offshore. Jacks recent work for me involved tool advice in the early stages based on our data requirements, attended multiple meetings with the Office and rig based teams, providing excellent technical support throughout. With Jacks input to the programmes, they have been of an excellent standard, supplied on time and provided efficient guidance, where each well has improved performance on the last and NPT has seen a significant reduction. Jacks presence/knowledge on the rig has been highly valued by our rig team and the subsurface team in town. Also the after well reports on the job have been completed to an excellent standard. I will be recommending Jack for any upcoming work any of our other teams have and certainly would recommend him to any other of his possible clients looking at Jacks CV, he`ll do an excellent job for you."

Paul Roylance *

Operations Geologist

"While at EnQuest I had the pleasure working with Jack (Willis), we had need to call on his expertise in Wireline technologies to assist us in our assessment of the market and the establishment of quality assurance protocols and well log data quality control which Jack delivered in a professional and timely manner, Jack has recently taken his oil industry experience to one&zero and continues to provide excellent wireline consulting support and witness services."

Graham Ellis *

Drilling Engineer

"Jack Willis has been our wireline witness of choice for a considerable time. He is the consummate professional, very pro-active, extremely knowledgeable, dependable and diligent."

Noel Geoghegan

Senior Operations Geologist

"I consider Jack Willis as one of the most reliable wireline field engineers I have worked with during my 25+ years career in the oil industry. He is incredibly well-organised, result-oriented and gifted with a great technical insight. Jack has excellent communication skills and is a true team player. I strongly recommend him to anybody looking for a professional consultant for planning and execution of wireline logging programmes. "

Jurry van Doorn

Geology Domain Champion

"I had the opportunity to work with Jack Willis in 2010 in the Peruvian jungle for Gran Tierra Energy in the wildcat well Kanatari-1. During this assignment Jack, in his role as a Wireline Logging QC/QA demonstrated an outstanding efficiency and quality work in every phase from planning, auditing, logging witnessing, to final reporting. I highly recommend Jack and it would certainly be a pleasure working with him again in the future."

Jose Caceres *

Senior Wellsite Geologist

Fircroft LDA.
"I have worked with Jack Willis offshore quite a number of times during the execution of a number of Eline logging, conventional as well as in TLC mode. His technical knowledge, supervisory skills and reporting quality have proved to be instrumental during these often high risk/reward logging jobs. As a Drilling Supervisor, I have always appreciated the daily operational support that Jack provides during the planning and execution of these logging operations; he translates all highly technical garble into a language that everybody can understand. His solid knowledge on Eline equipment and tools provides him with the capacity to anticipate and act upon potential problems and to troubleshoot efficiently when things are getting really critical. Jack is thrustworthy and has a pleasant personality and a fine sense of humour which makes it very easy for everybody to work with him in an offshore team."

Dirk De Clercq

Sr. Drilling Supervisor - Consultant

"I've worked with Jack on various wireline jobs over the last decade or so, firstly when he was an engineer with Schlumberger and later as an independent logging QC. He's knowledgable, approachable, thorough and professional. I'd have no hesitation employing his services again or endorsing his credentials."

James Briggs

Operations Geologist

Barrel Consultants Ltd
"My recollections of working with Jack are all positive; on one particularly fraught and difficult operation he demonstrated adroit skill gained of several years experience. Ultimately the objective was successfully achieved avoiding any negative outcome and largely down to his determined efforts. If a job can be done at all Jack can do it."

Julian Pieniazek


Petro-gen Geoconsultancy
"I have worked with one&zero data services several times over the past few years while on the EnQuest drilling programme. I have found that the service provided has been of the most highest standards. Excellent supervision of the wireline logging operations has been carried out by One & Zero. Their knowledge of wireline systems has been exceptional. Having One & Zero on the rig for wireline supervision has assisted me tremendously in ensuring that the best data acquisition from the wireline services is achieved. I have no hesitation in recommending the service provided."

Peter Woolfson *

Wellsite Geologist

"I have been fortunate enough to work with Jack Willis of one&zero data services since 2010. Firstly with BP on a west of Shetland appraisal well (where my initial scepticism of his role turned to appreciation of what he brings to wireline operations) and more recently in the north sea with Enquest on various exploration wells. On numerous occasions Jack has spotted a problem in advance, brought it to the operators attention, before coming up with a solution. He works in a calm and collaborative manner with the wireline crew helping them to provide the best service and data possible. On the last few wells we tested the remote witness portal - a secure live link to the wireline witness operational report. This proved to be a great benefit as operational details could be observed at the wellsite in real time without having to disturb the logging operations, while shore based personnel knew at exactly what stage the operation was at. Having Jacks wealth of wireline experience makes a vast improvement to data acquisition time and more importantly data quality, which makes my job as a Wellsite Geologist that much easier. Always a pleasure to work with. "

Colin MacPherson *

Consultant Wellsite Geologist

Kiltrock Ltd
"Jack Willis was contracted by Maersk Oil Angola to assist/supervise both onshore and offshore wireline operations as required by Maersk Oil on a series of exploration wells. Jack worked well communicating with all parties onshore ensuring the required equipment was inspected/checked/shipped prior to subsequent supervision of operations and personnel at the wellsite. With his dedication and enthusiasm i have no problem in recommending Jack as a wireline witness. "

Julian Thompson *

Operations Geologist, Angola

Maersk Oil Angola